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. Now, sir." "It is rather a long story," Walter said. "I suppose you Scotland Yard people keep yourselves

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au fait with most of the sensational crimes which take place on the Continent? I suppose, for instance, you re

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member the death by poisoning of Count Boris Flavio, and how his wife was charged no fewer than five times wit

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h the crime?" Dallas fairly started. "That is a most extraordinary thing," he said. "I don't mind tellin


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g you that within the last day or two, or rather within the last few hours, we have blundered upon a startling light on that crime. It so happens that an Italian detective, who has come here to take a prisoner back to Rome, has interested himself in the Fitzjohn business, more or less because Mrs. Delahay is Italian herself. This detective Bert

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i was not in court during the inquest, but he came round here an hour or two ago and expressed a casual wish to see Mrs. Delahay. He managed to do so for a moment, and then he made a statement that fairly took my breath away. But come with me as far as Scotland Yard and you shall hear him tell the story himself. I won't spoil it for him." A

this is a point about the company

little while later Walter found himself in the presence of a slim, diminutive man, with a fierce moustache and an exceedingly mild, insinuating manner. "This is my friend Berti," Dallas explained. "And this, Berti, is Mr. Walter Lance, nephew of Lord Ravenspur. He mentioned the Flavio case to me just now with a view to getting a little infor

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mation. I told him that you had had the whole business

in hand, and you had better let him know that you are in a position to place your fin

ger upon the Countess Flavio at any moment."

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